Affiliate Resources


If we met you via referral partners it is definitely not appropriate to post our offer on the groups of marketing partners that introduced you to us they would have to approve of that first and this would be done directly by ourselves.

Medium Post

(Social Media mostly: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)

If you have more connections on Youtube, you can read this into an audio and dispatch to your podcasts etc., or record a quick video with your phone or computer screen recorder and share to wherever you have the most contacts. If so be genuine (but excited enough) so people trust and want to take action.

I have joined this business group a few weeks ago, I am not usually one to share unless I am sure, but I wish I had found this sooner! It has really made such a huge difference for me and I have met some amazing people so I really feel like I should not keep this for myself any longer.

Before I joined I had a free consultation which helped me a lot, whether you are interested or not in joining I know you will get great value from the free resources. If you are lucky the free consult might still be running check it out here: (OR PUT YOUR LINK HERE) Feel free to PM me if you have questions. (THIS LAST SENTENCE IS OPTIONAL BUT IT HELPS PEOPLE TRUST IT. THEY USUALLY WILL NOT CONTACT YOU ANYWAY, IF THEY DO AND YOU SAY THE RIGHT THINGS WITHOUT LYING OR MANIPULATING THEM THEY ARE VERY LIKELY TO BECOME A CLIENT FOR US AND THUS YOU GET PAID)

Short post

(SMS, Whatsap, Wechat etc.)

Hey this group I joined a while ago is running something and I definitely know you could benefit as much as I did! Check them out here: (OR YOUR LINK HERE). Feel free to call me direct or text back if you have questions, they are awesome. I just thought of you as soon as I found out they are doing something special for the next few days.

Long Post


Basically just take the medium post and introduce with something genuine and personal between you and the person you are emailing. This will help them feel special and that they know you thought of them for a reason and you are not just trying to make a few bucks. People are suspicious by nature and may have worked with other companies that did not look after them before. Also they will know that this is not someone who has hacked your account or just some more spam.

When We Run Events or Promotions:

(Simply forward what we publish (email, social-media post etc.) to your contacts whenever possible.)

As opposed to the above where you can be paid if you use your own links, for events/webinars this is purely out of love & kindness. If you help, you may not always receive commissions unless we create a dedicated event link for you, and we would not do that unless you can increase registrations by at least 50 persons. If you have a relevant list/large enough following contact us we have separate sequences to copy and paste and we will create a unique event code for you. If you requested that and do not register at least 30 real people we will charge you for the admin time to create the link.

We really appreciate your support!

The Whole Team at Meant For Business.