Only if Business means more than just money to you

What is one of the most significant reason why people are not taking action, or not successful in business (and life) yet? 

What is the only common denominator across all businesses or even projects you will ever lead? 

YOU (me).

People have a tendency to stand in their own way, as Einstein said no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it: to experience new levels, you have to think and play at a higher level. 

I also find that mindset is very important after interacting with thousands of businesses over the years; for instance people have come to us although they were already very successful in business but were very unhappy, or others wasted great opportunities as they could not handle success. 

Whether or not you chose to attend, my main aim is to be of service to you; it is a perfect time to take a few minutes and ask yourself if your business enables you to have balance in your life and meets your personal goals. What do you need to do to make sure it does? Time and Health are your most precious assets and your business needs to support you to increase both, always keep track of the big picture! 


Fabrice Beillard