Crucial simple to implement strategy.

Today a very powerful simple to implement strategy. 

People often ask me where and how do we find the millions of dollars that I have contributed to add to many companies collectively all over the world.

I thought I would chose today one of the backbones of the system: conversions. I will give you a very simple trick to implement that as immediate impact.  Conversions= make much more money from the same effort and number of leads. This is free to implement and applies to almost any business that has to talk to a prospect at some point or another.

Usually people cannot improve conversions because if we ask them why a prospect did not buy, all sort of stories come up. Nevertheless, no clear and specific data that can be worked upon and improved. Most often, this comes from fear of rejection, fear of being “pushy”. How to get over this?

This is what we ask people to do : to improve the data for reports in their CRMs. This will have even more impact if you have a team that sells for you. 

Whatever happens, you need to get an answer when a prospect talks with you. “No” is okay, “yes” is better and “always” is the intention if they are someone you can serve effectively with integrity. “Maybe” is the only unacceptable answer. If you don’t have a “yes” or “no”, you must have a “why” and a “next step”. Anyone who is not willing to give you those basic indications does not deserve your time or is not the right person and you need to move on to the decision maker or find out what is wrong with the sales process if everyone is “just looking”. 

So, here is what you do: take a small piece of paper to the size of business card and get it laminated. The front say “yes”: look at it before you talk to the prospect so you know what you aiming for. If it is a sale over the phone keep it within eyesight. The other side says “Why not” (now) & “Next step”. As long as you have that, you have a clear idea and the prospect is closer to come on board. All you need to do is follow up based on the info, or move on if they will never buy. So, you do not miss out on other customers that deserve your time and attention and generate revenues. I love it because it is so simple, which often means powerful. Of course, you adjust that to the sales type and cycle of your industry and you will usually not ask someone to buy a multi million dollar item after a 20 minutes interview, but you always want an indication and a next step.  

See you for the next ones! 
P.S: Happy Valentine! 
P.P.S: I had some questions last week: yes you can share most of our emails, but please forward the whole email with our company details, or name the source.