First beats of 2017. Make them count!

Greetings for the New Year and first beats of 2017!


You have received a few tips from us about starting the year strong. Here is a very important reminder that I hope will serve you. 

Now is the time to highlight the few things that really need to get done to achieve some key outcomes for the year. Have absolute focus and forget about the rest, get those done FIRST! it is always an appropriate time to do the right thing. Starting strong will give you a great sense of achievement and all important momentum and confidence.

We strongly recommend for your next year planning to be done as much in advance as possible. And while you are in the achieving optimistic mood. Using calendar milestones to start each period with clarity and taking the right consistent action is a great way to build success habits for the rest of the year.

Thus, we will cover planning and proper goal setting, as we have many customers achieve in very short periods of time what they were sometimes struggling with for years.   

Most importantly, make sure you (have planned to) get a rest and play time. A lot of business owners prior to working with us were so involved in the operational side of the business that they forgot to live! Obviously, you cannot be productive 365 days a year! You might be busy, but most likely busy not going where you would really want. Even if you were productive 24 hours a day, it might be at the detriment of creativity or well being. Always remember to enjoy the process and the NOW, and take breaks


Yours in Success.

Fabrice Beillard