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Please ensure you read the rules below, once you have read be sure to click the button below to agree to the rules and to ensure you get full access.

They are very important do’s and don’t’s, most were built over time, based on feedback to create the most benefit for all.


If you would like to change your password to our website you can watch the video here. The other Forum Menu options are not recommended to use, however we do have this video if you would like more information on them, however this is not necessary to watch. 



This is a community where people want to learn, grow, connect & help each other, not to sell to other members and make the vibe uncomfortable and unpleasant for all for the benefit of a few. If you are great at what you do and provide value in the community people will know about your business and if they have a relevant need they will reach out. Do not attempt to promote your services or the ones of others whether directly, or indirectly, covertly (downloads, webinars, samples etc.) or openly, by contacting them through our platform or outside it, especially if you are not a VIP member and try to contact VIP member.



If we receive a report from a VIP member about anyone soliciting them to offer them programs, investments or other items, that member will be removed from the community. You can however list your services, request for services, or partnerships in the relevant section of the forum and apply to be listed on our suppliers and experts as a Gold member and above.



Our community are smart please treat them as such they did not come here to get sold. If someone is giving great results they can apply to be an expert or a supplier after they join the community and we will interview them if we have a need in that space for the community.



Never promote products or services outside of the for sale/for hire section of the forum, and if you use this section to promote a product or service only promote your own service or product never someone else’s.

Promoting means both directly offering a product or service or a lead into it, but also indirectly, or giving praise, case studies or any other hidden promotion schemes.



Network marketing and MLM opportunities are strictly forbidden, even in the for sale, for hire section.



Be yourself. Be honest and kind with other members. There is no one you need to impress here. Ask for help when you need it.

If you have value to offer please help others this is how we grow successful as a community giving is more important than taking and we will occasionally reward great contributors.



If you are looking for suppliers or recommendations go to the Suppliers and Experts areas of the site first, if no one is available in that field go in the Request for Service area of the forum next.

If you found someone great and there was no available provider from our community or site feel free to email their details to us.

Any communication or actions that could lead to a community member taking any education, training, coaching services or products for business owners are obviously not welcome and reduce the focus of our clients on what they need to do within our programs and we found sometimes totally counterproductive.

When our clients need other specialists we have those already available most of the time to refer to and it is important to not get scattered to each new shiny object.

If you operate in any industry that provides services, product or IP to the SME market and have something of benefit for the members the community that we do not cater for already, subject to certain conditions (primarily quality, contribution to the community so far and members feedback) we may feature you in the suppliers and experts areas so they can hire you after the community knows you can be trusted which will make things much more beneficial and secure for all.



There is also a VIP only section in the Forum where all VIP members can connect and partner when mutually beneficial.



It is strictly forbidden for the same person to sign up more than once under a different email and or name. We also have latest technology in place and a lot of our content is under copyright and actions will be taken if you try to access or use our material and are not an active member, share our information or attempt to record our information.  



Always be courteous to other members and maintain positive communication.

Do not express opinions or judgements when you are not invited to do so and never do it in public.

Only give advice or assistance if someone specifically asks for it in the forum and only do so in the appropriate thread.

Do not attempt to connect with VIPs if you are not VIP yourself.

Do not discuss politics, religion or any sensitive or off topic subject.

This is a business success platform.

Do not give your log in details to anyone else than you or let people post on your behalf. Do not put loads of low quality &/or low relevance information.

This site is about quality, usable and practical ultra-relevant content. Only mention things that you have experienced for yourself so you don’t lead others to failure.

Everyone is allowed one honest mistake, if you are a VIP 2 strikes. No refund will be offered if you lose your membership after 2 warnings even if we cancel in the first month and you paid for 12.



Use the site regularly and benefit from all the value it has to offer. Attend all the webinars, coaching sessions, trainings, view all relevant fast tracks and show up for every item that is included with and relevant to your level of membership – mark all calls and things you are meant to attend in your schedule with reminders!

Log in regularly to the forum and add value if you have relevant useful information to offer. If you chose to, let other quality business owners know about us so you get paid affiliate fees and contribute to enriching our community.

Read our terms and conditions before you use the site.

Share your successes (no covert selling or self-promotion), let us know when we do things right or when someone has been helpful to you.

You can also do that on Facebook within our group.



Show up, make use of all that is relevant and useful to you: be consistent & take action!

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Meant For Business Team and existing Members.



Please find our user guides for each level of Membership. Please watch the video relevant to your Membership level at least once to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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