Get back with a smile!

I thought I would share a few key points from a contribution I made to the Sydney Morning Herald in regards to starting your year effectively, and more importantly: happily with a smile

  • Have very clear plans and goals for the year, just a few KEY ones and set boundaries to focus on them  

When you do not have clear  priorities and outcomes things can quickly get out of hands as you will go randomly from so called “urgent” tasks to “important” meetings and you are unlikely to make your hours count.


  • Focus on what matters first 

You can be organised and productive, or you can satisfy your ego and be busy, and usually not earning money and unhappy. The world did not stop when you were away so understand that you need not do everything at once, otherwise you will quickly feel overwhelmed and lose your holiday smile. Focus and understand the power of leverage and team. 

  • Plan your next break NOW and what you need to have achieved to deserve it!
  • Understand you are the same person that you were while on holiday, it is up to you to take control of your emotions and mindset
  • Be consistent to build and keep good habits from the start

Yours in Success !

Fabrice Beillard