Claim your goals !


Yes, I can like your business. I see so many businesses going on this competition for likes. A lot of them payi a lot of money for it and no get results.

It reminds me when SEO was the latest trend and some were creaming it, while others were paying the price of ignorance or lack of will to hire people who had proven results. Eventually everyone caught up. 

Here are some tips as far as social media. 

  • You are not in business to get ‘Liked” on Facebook

It is important to build relationships with customers and an engaged community. Raving fans can do wonders for your business. However, you must not confuse this with just getting likes. You can get thousands of likes for  just a few dollars, the point is relevance and quality.

  • Have a clear goal 

What I mean by that is: what is it the purpose ?  Only then, you can direct your suppliers properly. If you are still in the growth phase, your minimum performance and focus should usually be: get qualified leads who can buy your product or service and always ask yourself the question on whether what you are doing is actually serving that purpose or not.

  • As always, FOCUS! 

If your resources are limited, do not do a thousand things at a time. Make some work, when it is automated and profitable enough get to the next one. However it is easy to post to multiple platforms and automate it all. 
The bottom line is, as with any of your marketing, measure it, improve it. How do you improve it? CONSISTENTLY. 
Is it doing something good for your business, does it generate a return. If the answer is no, then time to make changes! 

And if you do it yourself, have discipline, schedule a set time – after all important tasks are done first – to take care of social media and leave those damn pages closed the rest of the time! 


Yours in success !

Fabrice Beillard