VIP Membership

Add a digit to your revenues or profits or continue for free (private coaching excluded)   You want to transition from a family/moderate business to a powerhouse or multinational &/or from still being stuck in operations to more of a Chairman role 
Create a priceless network of high level connections (we speak one on one to each member who signs up/applies and refund and cancel any members we do not see as a fit)   You might also still be in the 6 figures range but show steady growth already. You are committed and want to accelerate your way to 7 like many of our customers (subject to approval) 
Get board level support plus a coach at a fraction of the cost without the politics and in a time efficient way. All tailor made to your particular goals and challenges. Get most of the information and resources you need at your fingertips as a bonus.    You might also already be ultra successful and want to join and add value and keep connected to the Entrepreneur spirit and scout your next purchase 
Have fun and hang out with like minded people in a "gated" live and online community    You might also not be quite there yet but you are committed to grow your business fast, have a training and marketing budget to play with and you can contribute to the group. Run like a pro from the start, smart move! (subject to approval) 
Be challenged at highest level and keep 'fresh'    
Affiliate commissions: Get paid maximum amounts and on ALL levels: 50% affiliate fee + 20% trail up to Gold + 10% level 2, 25% VIP + 20% trail