Some key timely questions

Why don’t you ask yourself some basic questions ?


I am currently in the USA speaking at events but also helping some businesses with their planning and strategic reviews.
It is such a powerful and rewarding process that I thought I would like to do a big present to you in case you have not assessed 2016 and planned next year yet. This is only a tiny part of the process, but it will give you some direction already on assessing where you are at. These are a few questions from of a section that will enable you to refocus for the Western calendar year transition milestone! 

  • What are the 1 to 3 things you know you should have done this year and did not? What was your excuse and how can you get rid of that story? What pain has this caused you? Why are you determined to change, decide and DO NOW to make it right?

These are the actions that you need to do NOW!! It will free tremendous amounts of energy and stress from you. It will enable you to get closure and resume on a high. Schedule the time for it to go to completion, if it is not something you can finish within the day, and start immediately to gain momentum

  • How are you doing in the area of? What have done to maintain or improve Asset # 1:HEALTH?
  • How valuable, productive and enjoyable was the use of Asset #2: TIME? Did you make it count? 
  • What were your major successes this year? What worked for you and need to do more of? Take inventory of all your wins and successes and write them down by hand. Reward yourself, be grateful and celebrate with your team.  
  • How many months/weeks holiday did you get this year ? How many are you scheduling right now for 2017?
  • Has business been able to support my personal goals and lifestyle? 
  • Am I doing the actions to maximise the return of my business and for my business to create personal wealth?
  • Who will you serve and what value will you bring to the World next year?

Founder & CEO of Australia Business Coaching