Marketing Strategies

How to implement the correct marketing strategies ?


I am amazed how much faster marketing strategies spread now. A few years ago, a few people used a variant of the old trick of using a milestone to promote, and used the new western calendar year to set up promotional campaigns.
It has spread like wildfire. If you are like my team, you probably are getting tired of getting many emails telling you 2017 will be your best year ever and giving a few random tips to ultimately sell you a program. And some programs may make your year the most amazing indeed, but I just thought you might want to focus on concrete things regardless whether it is January or July. (We sent new year content in the past, when it was less widespread, email us back if you want that including our new year alignment template or some of our contributions to media like the Sydney Morning Herald on getting back to business after the Xmas break).
Now back to the subject: marketing strategies. The above fact I stated at the start is a double edged sword. You can now learn the most cutting edge and advanced stuff to promote. That would have costed you tens of thousands in the past, control the budgets and monitor conversions and metrics precisely and in real time better than ever. BUT it means that people can catch up to you faster than before. You might sometimes feel overwhelmed and challenged with all the options at your hand and all there is to learn.
Gone are the days where say you found out about something like SEO before everybody else and could cream it for months without being challenged (I loved that). Now, you get offered SEO all day long by dozens of companies and every man and his dog competes with you. You need to do things different and better than others and adapt at lightning speed and always keep up to date with the sharpest people that have proven records. This is beyond the ability of most entrepreneurs. That is why we make sure during live events or for our clients, to only pick a limited number of simple strategies that are very effective and that are ahead of the pack, and check first that fundamentals are correct.
There are indeed foundations and universal principles that you can get right, and these will be relevant no matter what campaigns you run. Get them right and you can get away with a lot, don’t and anything you will do will never work to the extent it could, if at all. You cannot get performance from a race car if you do not even know how to shift gears first. I find, through interacting with thousands of businesses all over the world, most always ignore their fundamentals and pay the price for it by working too hard for the results they get in their marketing and sales process.
Here is the first thing I would suggest for you today. It is very simple, usually overlooked as people will usually answer: “I know that already” but do not actually execute it properly. The first thing to figure out today is: What is my target market? Who is my ideal customer? And do not pick the segment you assume has the most money, as a lot of people wrongly do. Pick the one you can most effectively serve and solve a real problem or need for, where identified prospects are willing and able to pay for it. Prospects for whom you will achieve better results/perceived relevant value than your competition.
Why? Because it is much easier to then advertise to them more efficiently. By communicating them the message that will resonate with them, which means increased conversions rates. Secondly, marketing tools today offer so much ability to select and target; you will be able to not only massively decrease your costs, but also increase your effectiveness and hitting power as once you have profitable campaigns you can really start to turn the heat on and dominate your space.


Yours in success! 

Fabrice Beillard