Improve your marketing ROI

Let’s strengthen your marketing Return on Investment  ! 


I thought I would share with you elements that will improve your marketing ROI. It will let you look behind my shoulders as we are running our campaigns. Here are 3 stand out elements for today that apply to ALL businesses, regardless if you run events or not. They apply for almost any product or service, if you want to earn more money:

1- Try new tools and strategies as if you get to some of them. First, you will secure the lion share. For instance, this campaign we found that quizzes gave us a higher conversion. Many years ago, Meetup groups were effective but are now very crowded and competitive. So, if we had not looked at new ways for ourselves and our clients to be on top of the game we would be in difficulty 

2- if you don’t track, measure and improve you are wasting your money (and maybe hurting your brand)

This is an old truth but it is now even more true as in competitive industries advertising costs and sophistication go up. Optimizing your campaigns is the only way to make them profitable and dominate your space.

3- Free and low cost marketing sometimes generates higher returns and numbers. So start with that. People usually leave it last as they have fear of rejection or are too busy spending money online. Speaking to people is still the most valued and effective conversion. Not always the most relevant but still effective if engineered and executed properly. Out of these ones, one has performed for us and been the most profitable and brought hundreds of thousands of dollars consistently many times with no money down. And, more importantly, has helped many of our clients dramatically.  


Yours in Success !

Fabrice Beillard