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Please fill in the details of people who would benefit from growing their time available and profits in their business.

  • this form will auto populate your informations so we can track your leads

They will automatically get a short one time email from you. They can then chose to also get access to the benefits you had with us, or not. We make it clear it is unique to them and that they would not benefit should you not have done them the favour. They will get great value regardless whether they become a customer or not (business review, free videos, etc.) and our aim is to help first.

If any of them proceeds to be a customer at some stage, you can chose to be an Affiliate or Ambassador and get great rewards including free products and services or cash payments.

For less than 10 persons just fill in and submit, and repeat the process for each individual. For more than 10 then email all contacts details so we do it for you, or for very anything over 1000 we will call to tailor make something for you and register you as an Ambassador.

We appreciate this A LOT and you are doing something your friends will appreciate ! Thank you!

Fabrice Beillard