Speaking to thousands of business

Get ready to strengthen your speaking for business!


Speaking to thousands of business owners all over the world quickly enables to see patterns and differences between the ones that get what they want and the ones who are in an eternal struggle for more time and more returns.

These differences are a part of what enabled us to break down the process into systems that can get replicated with predictable success by just about anyone. Today, I will pick a tiny component that is related to personal development. One of the more subtle ones that is barely visible, yet one of the most powerful ones long term for business, leadership, and personal life and relationships: the quality of your communication and your language.
Little nuances in the choice of words will affect thought process, decisions, which means your actions or lack thereof. And thus your results.
For example, if a client at an event says something along the lines of “I think we should try”; this usually means it does not hurt bad enough yet.  Or they don’t see the outcome of doing this clearly enough/are not competent yet in executing the steps to get the result. In other words, they have not made a decision and nothing useful will happen. They are wishful thinking, which will turn into reasons and excuses after the fact. We need to change the language and revisit the process so they can get the outcome. 

Investing time and focus to empower your language will empower your team, your clients and all other stakeholders. This will make a massive difference when it comes to enroll people into your vision and to actually make it happen.
The second reason why it is important is listening. As you start to become more aware of language, yours and the one of others, you become a better listener. And thus, a better leader and influencer as you get to understand better people’s problems and thus can offer better value, including for your marketing and conversion rates. Changing the language in a sales process can sometimes give you triple digits growth in the success rate as you could nail the words and feelings people needed.
You will also be able to actually cut through the BS people’s ego put in the front and really get to hear the conversation that goes in their head.  Then getting the thing that they are not telling you but that you now can suspect, thus getting much deeper much faster and build better relationships and filter people that suck your time and energy. This ability to read behind appearances will enable you to accelerate trust. As trust is known as one of the foundations to get anyone to cooperate or buy from your business. It will also enable you to ask better questions, as asking good questions means controlling the conversation without being annoying, and getting better answers.
Finally, it is very valuable as it gives you an instant mirror into where you really are in your business and whether you are for real or just going through the motions. That is particularly true when it comes down to setting goals for the business, but that is a whole other topic!
Here is one thing you can do right now to improve your language:

  • One of the most important conversation that happens is the one between your two ears, so take a few minutes every day to check how it sounds: it is empowering or is it belittling you or others ? If you were your own friend would you like to keep your own company ?
  • Ask someone to record you randomly when you address teams or clients without your knowledge. Listen to it for a few minutes a week. Just see how patterns jump at you.
  • Practice asking great questions to people and force your mouth to stay shut and your mind to shut up too so you can really listen (not hear).
  • Think fast, speak slow, talk less and simplify for the most impactful message  

Now, if you still have any doubts, try to find any leaders in the business world who do not need to communicate. See how a few of the successful ones have built their entire empires on the back of communicating effectively. This will become even more obvious. If you are in a business where personal image and industry authority is important, then it is even more critical to master this as a leader. As if you don’t, your only way will be to pay very expensive marketing and branding to mask the flaws…


Yours in Success,