Trusted Suppliers

IMPORTANT: Please read the Important Information at the bottom of this page before using this section.


Within our program we will cover a lot of items and you might never need to contact our experts. However you may want to outsource the doing or require in-depth specialist expertise on niche topics. We have assembled here Suppliers and Experts that we have tried and tested ourselves or that have a good reputation so you don’t waste thousands of dollars and a lot of time going through bad suppliers.

Please respect their time so they can keep servicing our Community with attention. The services or products you may decide to purchase from them are a separate fee than what you registered for with us and we are not liable or involved in these services we are merely putting this together to save you time. We may get referral fees from some suppliers but they are to give you terms and conditions better or equal to what is available to general public, and some of them would not take you as a client if you were not part of our community. You cannot share those suppliers’ details with anyone not part of our community otherwise they will be too busy to service you or will increase their prices.

Anyone you do not find in the Suppliers/Experts section then your next best bet is to click &/or request in the forum and our Facebook group for recommendation.

If you are a Gold or VIP member for more than 90 days and would like to become one of our Suppliers or Experts email us and we will get back to you with details on the interview process used to determine if you can be featured here. If there is someone exceptional you have tried yourself for a category we do not cater for already you can also email us and we will take if from there.