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      This is the only area where you can look for products or services from members of the community that could complement yours, or let members know of your affiliate programs details or any other forms of mutually beneficial ethical and legal collaborations or marketing partnerships. If you are a VIP you can also do so in the VIP/Private deals area and only VIP members can access those requests or offers.

      You should only post high quality offers and of your own products or services only (never someone else’s, investments, MLM, free trials, etc.). To not look like a spammer do it sporadically but we encourage everyone to do it once at least to gain visibility. This is a community for mutual support not for greedy takers. What we know to clearly be the best way for people to notice and want to know more about your business is by adding value to the forum topics community without having an agenda.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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