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* Get it free guarantee: private coaching excluded. Maximum 120 days free period. Must show start and current numbers. Must have applied all systems and activities and attended and implemented all elements included for the full 12 months. You need to follow the systems in the prescribed order and timelines & in full detail. Cases whereby entire industry suffered significant disruptions and losses, or where we do not have control of external circumstances are also excluded for the guarantee to apply. For VIP, revenues are assumed to be already over 500K per annum, if not additional sales effort will be required by the VIP Member to acquire more customers with our support to achieve a base number we can optimise successfully.

** Some events may not be run or change format or names without notice, some events may not be run some years or may not happen within the 12 months you joined, depending on when you joined, especially elective & bonuses. Some services or products may be unavailable without notice, and some others may be added or replaced without notice. For experts, suppliers, and any other third parties or associates, we cannot guarantee availability or results.



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